How I Feel After Super Tuesday



Weeping angel statue at Stanford University Mausoleum

The weeping angel about sums up how I’ve been feeling since Tuesday night.

To paraphrase Joe Biden, America is holding up a mirror.

Who do we see?

Is our Congress so broken that we blow up the establishment only to deal with the wreckage?

I don’t want to live in a country with that much hate/dischord.

Please vote in your primaries, and again next November. Get involved. Get out there. Vote to keep a fascist, racist, bullying con man out of power.

We are better than this. Or we should try to be.


10 thoughts on “How I Feel After Super Tuesday

  1. Jane, this thought is what kept me awake last night. His supporters either don’t care that he’s a racist, they are also, or they simply want to blow things up. Any way you look at it, it’s frightening and disturbing.


  2. I hear people explaining the Trump phenomenon with reasons like: Americans are afraid, Americans always look for a strong leader, Americans want to get back their self esteem. Makes me want to scream. Don’t these people have TV? Have they no idea what it means to be poor, to have endemic unemployment, to live in a war zone, to have to pick up the broken people fleeing war, famine and distress of all kinds? For Christ’s sake, Americans are FUCKING LUCKY! And they show how much they deserve to be the chosen people by voting for obscenities like Trump!


  3. It just seems to most of the other inhabitants of the planet that Americans have got sod all to be afraid of. We’re the ones with the lunatic Muslims in our backyard, the refugees piling into countries already on the point of economic collapse, 30-40% youth unemployment. What in the name of feck have Americans got to be afraid of? We’re the ones who ought to be afraid if things like Trump are likely to end up in the White House.
    (I’m not getting notifications from your blog so I’ll keep checking back periodically to bust a few guts :))


  4. It’s more than fear, though. It’s that our government isn’t working. Congress is gridlocked, with an all-time low approval rating, and they’ve refused to work with the president going back to when he was elected in 2012. The people have become so fed up, they’re looking for an anti-establishment candidate on both sides.

    At this point I’m more concerned about domestic terrorism from his pumped up supporters than I am outside extremists.


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